Due to relocating with my family from the UK to Australia I wont be shipping any orders to the UK. This may change in the future though.  

I would just like to thank all my customers that have supported me over the last 6 years and wish you all much love and happiness.

Charlotte xx


Naturally Scented Soy Candles

Inspired by nature, made with love.

My quest to find the perfect scented candles began when I was pregnant with my first child in 2012. I’d always been a huge fan of scented candles but was worried to find out that the brands I had previously enjoyed burning had quite a few nasties in them. 

It worried me to think of inhaling the sooty smoke from a candle and that it might not only affect me but my unborn baby too. Offering a much cleaner and longer burn time, using soy wax made much more sense to me so I decided to create an eco-friendly candle that is kind to you and your family. Following on from this came the non-toxic base I sourced for diffusing the oils in my reed diffusers. 


All my products are made in small batches from my home in Cheshire: 

  • I only use aromatherapy grade essential oils making them completely natural.

  • All products are 100% free from synthetic fragrances and mineral oils. No nasties!

  • Only sustainable natural soy wax (candles) or soy base (diffusers)  are used.

  • A slow and clean burn, leaving little or no soot.

Being a renewable source of energy, soy beans are kinder to the environment  and this type of wax is easily washable with soap and water.

My aromatherapy candles and reed diffusers will gently fill your home with beautiful scents whilst  helping to create a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. 

Thank you for supporting my small business. When you buy hand made you support a dream! 

Charlotte xx

photograph of charlotte harley from her website, with her son looking over shoulder
Charlotte making candles